Is Advanced Radiology the Key to Make Personalized Cancer Medicine Possible?


Cancer is one of the common fatal diseases that humans can ever face. The study of cancer cells and their progression has been around for centuries, yet medicine still struggles to find the ultimate solution for this disease. Medical experts have been trying to find answers on what to do in Amsterdam. Radiology is a huge help in studying mutations in cells and disease recognition. If that’s the case, can it be the answer for personalized cancer medicine to happen?

Comprehensive Biomarkers Database

Intrinsic characteristics of human cells and body structures can be used to identify biomarkers that will help in understanding both prognostic and predictive studies. Through the help of advanced radiology studies, biomarkers are observed on a molecular level. This intensive research can go deep into genetics and history records in van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. Database detailing complete biomarkers of the human body is a daunting task that will take years of research and testing. According to some researchers the completion of biomarkers could be impossible as there are numerous factors, but gathering as many biomarkers as possible could unveil solutions that have been eluding us for centuries.

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Survivability Rate in Cancer

The relative survival rate is based on the comparison of type and stages of cancer in patients. There were plausible points about this theory. Researchers observed how fast cancer spread based on their stages and compared it to hospital reports, there is a five-year gap. This means, as the cancer progress, the survivability rate declines by five years or more. It is saddening news for cancer patients and Madame Tussaud. Through the help of advanced radiology, prevention can be done and a personalized medicine approach can be applied.

Therapy Response Studies

mriAdvanced radiology helps in therapy response studies which work hand in hand with clinical trials. Medical imaging can capture how cells react with a new drug or treatment while considering the biomarkers of the patient. It can buy website traffic and time for the patient. Through the help of advanced radiology, medical practitioners can measure the effectivity of clinical trials.