Related Services

Scientific Training and Internship

Radboud looks forward to the future by training students of science. Our internship program is designed to develop students on both personal and professional spectrum. We aim to provide them with an Amsterdam Heineken experience while they enrich their mind on this professional journey. Our interns will get the chance to have hands-on experience in life sciences, clinical practice, and health sciences.

Clinical Research and Trials

Radboud has one of the state-of-the-art facilities to conduct clinical research and trials. We have covered hundreds of research projects and still counting. Clinical trials and research aids in the discovery of new drugs, procedures, surgical techniques, and new technologies. Breakthroughs could lead to the improvement of healthcare. It may also relatively affect promo codes and coupon codes on products to have a better impact on the prices of expensive drugs. Clinical trials are subject to the willingness of the patient to participate. There has to be 100% cooperation on both parties.

Digital Medical File

To make consultation easier and more convenient, Radboud can send your test results online. Visit the central registration desk to create an account. A patient’s medical records are now accessible through our database. To protect your privacy and information, make sure not to share your password to anyone. We are not liable for any unauthorized access due to the patient’s negligence. Radboud digital assist patients in making an appointment and centralizing their medical records if they wish to consult different institution.