Debunking Misconceptions About Medical Imaging


We do get a lot of questions from patients before an X-ray or an MRI procedure if undergoing these kinds of procedures will cause them future health problems. Some of them are frightened and avoid session by taking a detour in Amsterdam city pass. Medical imaging went through thorough research and testing before applying it to the medical field. Taking a medical imaging test will speed up the diagnosis helping your doctor help you get a treatment suitable for your condition.

Radiation Is Dangerous to Health

Earth is composed of radioactive materials. Radon gas is found in the soil meaning we have already been exposed to small amounts of radiation daily. All patients need to have a visit to their physician and secure a recommendation for the test. Your doctor will provide special instructions if necessary. For example, the radiologist should focus the test on a specific area of the lungs. The radiologist who will conduct the test has to follow the instructions impeccably. There are no side effects after taking the test. Anyone can go to Amsterdam top sightseeing after the session as long as you don’t have any restrictions from your doctor.

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Regular Exposure to Medical Imaging Causes Infertility

First, no patient will be advised to take the medical imaging test everyday. Second, medical imaging tests use a small amount of radiation which is perfectly fine to a human’s health. If you think that you are experiencing symptoms due to taking a medical imaging test, save money on electronics by contacting your doctor. The symptoms might be caused by the pre-existing condition you have. Radiation exposure becomes dangerous when a person got exposed to large doses of radiation. Example of possible fatal exposures is direct contact to radioactive wastes, long exposure in radioactive places, and nuclear explosions fumes and smoke.

MRI Uses Large Doses of Radiation

MRI is the opposite of the CT Scan. It does not use radiation at all. Instead, it uses magnetic fields and radio-frequency signals to take the images. MRI is a medical breakthrough. Since its discovery, MRI helped millions of patients around the world prevent diseases from becoming fatal. However, you might need online shops voucher codes because the MRI procedure is not cheap. And most of the time, MRI is not covered by medical insurances.